Creature publishes up to four book-length works of feminist horror a year. We are looking for books that celebrate fluidity—the ability to cross boundaries and inhabit more than one category at once. While we acknowledge that categories have a certain utility, we refuse to separate horror, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy from each other or the literary from the mainstream. Our definition of feminist horror is broad and inclusive, and we welcome writing that pushes boundaries.

We are interested in: unreliable narrators, unlikeable female characters, the monstrous, sharp critical essays and social commentary, swamp witches, your nightmares, dystopias, psychological suspense, unraveling minds, unraveling social constructs, possession, intersectionality, hybrid genres, metafiction, dark nights, and writing on sexuality/the body, gender, race, class, disability, technology, religion, and anything and everything that makes our spines tingle.

We accept both agented and un-agented submissions of fiction, nonfiction, or genre-defying prose. We prefer submissions in the range of 20,000–60,000 words; however, you may submit a longer work if you feel it is a strong fit. Submissions should be either .docx or .pdf files. We welcome simultaneous submissions, but please notify us at if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

Our current reading period is March 6th to August 31st.